Cancer patients hold
the key to a cure...Their Medical Data

The Universal Cancer Databank is a worldwide database project, which aims to underpin the next generation of cures for rare and intractable cancers.

You can pledge to donate your own medical data, or support cancer patients choosing to put their data to work to alleviate suffering and develop new therapies to eliminate cancer.

Unlike previous attempts to collect and share patient data, the UCD is a 100% philanthropic, 100% anonymised, and 100% global. Its goal is to overcome rare and difficult cancers that have proven too difficult for any single institution or country to solve, by offering patients the universal right to donate their data to research.

Donating your data can also generate a Data-match, which means that if your genomic data matches that of another patient with a similar cancer you can learn from their treatment what could work for you, and you could also be connected to trials relevant to you.

Find more information about the UCD here.

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